5,6 mm
6 mm
6,5 mm
6,8 mm, .270"
7 mm
7,62 mm, .30"
8 mm S
8,5 mm, .338"
9,3 mm
Geschosse und Munition liefert Lutz Möller
springe zu
Lutz Mller

Greetings from

South Africa

Hi There.

My name is Cornel Ries 28 years old from South Afri~ We have 3 Game farms in South Africa and Botswana. Hunting is for us a second nature. Our farms cover an area of 12 000 hectares.

The reason for my e-mail is the following: I work at a German owned company in South Africa called I. S. E. (Innomotive Aystems Europe), head office based in Bergneustadt. For the last year I took all the employees from Germany who came to South Africa for business on hunting weekends on our farms both South Africa and Botswana. I couldn’t believe their reactions. They really appreciated it .

So I am planning to visit some of my friends in Germany this year (still not sure which is the best time). My plan is to get as much information as possible on the German Hunting Clubs so that I can come and do some marketing only for Germany.

I would really appreciate any information or advice.

Best Regards, Cornel Ries, Mittwoch, 28. Mrz 2007 11:26

(Ps. Attached a impala I shot 3 weeks ago with my wife in Botswana)

Hallo Freunde,

falls jemand aus NRW in der Nhe von Bergneustadt dies liest und Freude daran htte Cornel mal mit zur Jagd zu nehmen, wrde ich gern vermitteln.

Gru Lutz Mller,

In der trockenen Landschaft

Hi Lutz

I will attach you some photos.

If you want I can give you some references of colleagues in Germany which you can contact. I have one Colleague Michael Bohnen near Colonge. He were fortune to spent Christmas with us in Botswana. He has put everything on video camera. If you can give me a Post Address I will get him to send you a copy of the video and pictures he took to have a look at. Please let me know if there is anything specific you need from me .Or if you have plans to visit us in the near future.

Best Regards, Cornel Ries,Mittwoch, 28. Mrz 2007 12:46


now You are on the Web, here!


Hi Lutz

Sorry to disturb you again! But I must show you how close I get to these buggers.

I Shot a Kudu and threw the remains in the bush .The next day I went to have a look and found this bugger there. They are quite plenty on the farm. At night you are almost guaranteed to see a few stealing leopard kill. I thank you a lot for youre quick reply and time. It is really appreciated by myself. I hope you have a safe trip to England. Myself is leaving next Thursday for Botswana with some family. I will figure a way to get you some pictures may-be on cd of oure house and accommodation on the farm etc.

Thanks again for youre time

Best Regards, Cornel, Mittwoch, 28. Mrz 2007 13:43


Hi Lutz

Hope everything is still fine in Germany. Here it is getting colder for winter is approaching us. Lutz attached is photos of our house and lapa on the South African side of the river. The Limpopo river you see is the border of South Africa and Botswana.




Blick von der Lapa


Veranda am Flu

Wasserschaukel ber dem Limpopo

Like I told you I am going to Botswana over easter. My plan is to take photos of the accommodation, the rooms, and se-roundings. We were very fortunate this week. We had 55 mm rain on the farm. It was quite dry and the winter is still coming. So we are very happy.

I am looking next week for a nice Bushbuck to add to my own trophies. We have quite a lot next to the river. I will put the hunt for you on video and send it with photos after easter.

Please keep me inform when you are coming to Botswana in June. I would surely accommodate you if you want to visit, and see the setup we have. It will give you a idea and you could also meet my warm harted family .

Keep well and in touch.

Best Regards Cornel, Freitag, 30. Mrz 2007 09:54


This was Colleagues from Drolshagen Germany wich joined me last year for a weekend on the farm.

Frhliche deutsche Besucher




Elefanten abends

Abendsonne ber den Felsen

Cornel gnnt sich ein Bier.

Cornel Ries, Freitag, 30. Mrz 2007 10:04

Schreibe an Lutz Mller

Botswana Juli 2007

Elefant am Hang

Hi Lutz

Thanks for your e-mail.

I hope you had a nice weekend as well ,it looks like. We had a wonderful weekend in Botswana. As you can see we went 4 x4 in the mountains ,and also slept there. I have some photos which I will download for you today and sent it.

I heard you had some nice weather in Germany the past weekend. Here winter is almost here. I am going to the farm again next weekend for the long weekend. We have some projects I am busy with in Botswana.

I will make contact with you in the afternoon via handy.

Best Regards, Cornel, Montag, 16. April 2007 07:26

Allradwagen sind ohne festen Weg gut zu gebrauchen

Aber die Stufe ist auch dafr zu steil

Hi Lutz

Hope all are well in Germany!

I am sure we will see some cats,for we shot two lions last year on South African side(have photos for prove). Lutz, me and my wife have discussed youre hunting trip and have put something together for you and youre wife.I hope this is with-in your budget. We will be away from civilization for a few days,so it is wise for me and Leana to purchase all food,drinks,diesel and permits for the 10 days. We will be traveling with our Toyota Prado Stationwagon 4x4 3.0 turbo.

Your tariff will cover the following:

1.We will provide all accommodation.

2.All meals and all drinks (softdrinks,wine,beer and anything you require to eat or drink)

3.We will fetch and drop you off at JHB.airport.

4.All transport with-in South Africa we will cover.

5.Any laundry we will do before you leave.

6.All costs on the farm (4x4 vehicle,diesel ,prossesing off animals hunted)

7.All entry cost at Botswana border for both off you.

8.All game drives as many as you like.

9.One nights dining at restaurant the night before you leave.

Then free of charge I will give you :

1-off Blue wildebeest

1-off Impala

1-off Warthog

1-off Jackal

Baboon as many as we can shoot.

I will also put your Blue wildebeest hunt for you on video camera if you want to. This is what we plan on the trip, but you are the guests and if you like any particular place or hunt we simply stay a night longer.

Day 1

Fetch you at Jhb International (O.R.Tambo). We will be spending this night at our home and you will meet the family. Our house is about 100 km a 1 hour trip from JHB. Airport. Accomodation ,meals and drinks included.

Day 2

Early departure. Travel 70 km to Atlanta farm. Accomodation is in Double Log home on riverbed. Hunting for blue wildebeest will start on this day. Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 3

Hunting Impala. Spent our nights around the fire. Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 4

Travel to Oppi Walle farm on the Limpopo riverbank which is the border of Botswana. Start early for this is a 400 km journey. Very nice accommodation and sights. Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 5

We can make this day a holiday or go hunt warthog. Also we can hunt bluewildebeest if we were not successful at Atlanta.(but we will). Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 6

And finally we will reach heaven on earth. We will leave early for the border post of Botswana. We will stop on the way to the farm at the historic Solomons wall. This trip will also be good for taking photos as we will see many Wild life. This trip will be 150 km. to the farm. Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 7

This day we will take a game drive and show you all there is to offer in Botswana. For I think this will be your highlight of the trip. We will visit the big baobab tree in the mountains. Take you to the big rock inside the Motlotse river. Go and look at the hyenas at there coves. Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 8

This day can be a resting day (photos) so that we can do night drives to see what the big cats are eating these days. Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 9

Unfortunately we will have to head back to Brits where we will go dining the night and sleep over at our house again. Accomodation , meals and drinks included.

Day 10

We will go to Jhb. And see if we can move youre tickets another 10 days.


The towns which we will be traveling through in South Africa is Pretoria, Brits, Thabazimbi, Ellisras, Swartwater, Alldays, Tolwe, Beaty so if there is any place of interest we can stop here. We will have no contact with the world once we enter Botswana.

If there is anything specific you like to eat or drink please let me know and we will get it. Or if you like to spend one day skeet shooting or any other interest like Sun City please feel free to contact me. I hope this is what you are looking for and think you will enjoy it tremendously ! Myself are really looking forward to do the blue wildebeest hunt with you. You only need to bring your rifle and clothes! Lutz, you really don’t have to bring anything else for we have everything you require. And there is no other costs or hidden costs! I cant express this enough! BRING NOTHING! Looking forward to hear from you!

Best Regards, Cornel, 11. Mai 2007

Keine Krokodile? Lushan in Botswana im Wasser. Wozu die Windel. Fr Splung ist im Flu doch gesorgt

Leana mit Lushan Weihnachten in Botswana. Beachte die groen grauen Tiere im Hintergrund und neben dem Wagen!

Cornel , Lena und Lushan

Lies weiter: Es geht auf Gnu, das lassen wir nicht in Ruh!


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